1 day Christmas Count-Down

Just 1 more sleep until stockings, presents and a Christmas feast; and what a wait it has been! Personally, for the feast I am most looking forward to ‘pigs in blankets’ as they are just heaven.

The Christmas dinner in general is always the best of the year: turkey, thick gravy, roast potatoes, parsnips and sprouts. This year my mum is making the crackers- decorating and filling as she is very crafty and creative: Mum’s Christmas Crackers! However I am slightly disappointed to discover she hasn’t made homemade jokes: I was a little over excited…

Today also marked the final/start date for men to start their Christmas shopping, so no pressure getting the perfect gift! This year I decided I wanted to be SUPER organised by having the majority of presents bought by the first week of December, wrapped by the second week, delivered the third week. This also includes all cards written and attached to the presents. Some presents wrapping paper is even colour co-ordinated (promise I don’t have OCD…)


I love the count up to Christmas, especially the advent chocolates: who doesn’t love a chocolate every day? (possibly not my dentist but she is lovely anyway), however today marks the last day! Tomorrow will definitely be a classic family Christmas- including the family argument over a game of Monopoly.

Merry Christmas!



Wednesday Wanders: A VERY Muddy One

So this weeks walk was up Otley Chevin, and I must say it was the most muddiest and Rosie did not hold back one bit.

After the resent rain (approx. 1 week when the heavens opened) it seems as though the Chevin absorbed the water and made hundreds of muddy puddles.

2 minutes into the walk…


It seems Wednesdays have become a very popular day for dog walkers, but we did meet a gorgeous Great Dane called Charlie.

Great Danes are a breed of dog which fascinates me, the fact they frankly never EVER stop growing until they are the high of the average five year old child is another matter. However I never realised they moved with such grace and elegance, despite there size- I was expecting them to be more like Rosie, not looking where they were going and walking into a tree trunk… Charlie was already the height of a five year old child, but only 18 months and apparently has “a lot more to grow.”


After a while I actually gave up telling Rosie to avoid the puddles, and allowed her to go in any she wished. She seemed to enjoy this and really did take it upon herself to take a dip in all puddles available- especially the blackest and deepest ones.

A hot bath at home did not go down well- as she is quite a tomboy (likes to get covered in mud, hates to have a pamper) but she seemed to settle well in front of the fire.

Rosie was rather impressed with her result!